7 Things Every Neat Freak Could Relate To

Atmaj Vyas , 04 Jun 2018

Being messy in today’s time seems like the most obvious thing. We barely have the time to focus on ourselves, let alone keep things in order and tidy. That being said, there are some who can’t stand being around a messy, well, anything. These neat freaks screech when even the slightest thing is out of order or not in the desired or particular place. They just like everything to be really organised and won’t stop until they tidy up anything and everything. Here is something that all neat freaks could relate to.

1. Everything Has A Particular Place

There’s a specific place for everything. If you use it, you ensure that you put it back exactly in the same spot you took it from. Anything that is out of place causes immense frustration and your urge to tidy up kicks in.

2. Love For Cleaning Supplies

You have an insatiable urge to buy cleaning products! A new scented floor cleaner? You’ve got to get it! It doesn’t matter how much it costs, you just need to have it. You’re always overstocked on cleaning products and there is nothing known as too much.

3. Cleaning Is The Best Stress-Buster

Whenever you get stressed out or you find yourself in a bad mood, the first thing you do is to start cleaning. It’s a tried and tested method and there is no feeling that compares to it.

4. Can’t Stand Messy People

You absolutely cannot stand being around messy people. If you walk into a friends house and it looks like a tornado hit it, the first thing your mind tells you is to start cleaning it. While your friends know this, a lot of them get you to do it because they’re just too lazy.

5. House Parties Are The Biggest Nightmares

The second someone says house party, you quickly disappear. You know all the shit that comes with a house party and along with that, you know the kind of mess it always turns into. You simply can’t stand the idea of people messing up all your hard work!

6. Doesn’t Matter Where You Are

You always have an urge to start cleaning. Even when you’re on holiday or at a bar, you need to organise and arrange things. If it isn’t as per your liking or if you see something out of place, it literally makes your skin crawl.

7. Germs

Pretty sure you jumped out of your chair just by reading the word germs. Most neat freaks are also major germaphobes. You need to clean your house a minimum of once a day. You absolutely cannot stand it and also people with messy and unhealthy habits.

Are you a neat freak? Tell us the one thing you absolutely cannot stand, in the comments below.

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