#PrideMonth: 5 Myths And Misconceptions About The LGBTQIA Community Busted!

#PrideMonth: 5 Myths And Misconceptions About The LGBTQIA Community Busted!

Karishma Govil

June marks the beginning of Pride Month—a time to celebrate differences, raise awareness and educate people about the LGBTQIA community. While this community has been fighting their battles internally and also with society, there has been some amount of progress in recent years. But not enough, to say the least. A lot of people pass judgement without really knowing much about the community, based on hearsay. Today, let’s bust those myths and misconceptions for everyone. Here are a few common ones we’re going to address:

1. Homosexuality is a choice

Homosexuality is a way of life and not something you choose. It is who you are! While some choose to keep it in, others tend to be more open about it. Each have their own reasons and come with their own set of complications and struggles.

2. There is a stereotypical way of identifying people from the LGBTQIA community

This isn’t true. There is no specific mannerism or way of dressing that binds the community together. The fact that people typecast the community in these ways is not right. It is exactly like the heterosexuality. There is no one way to recognise people who are heterosexual, and similarly, there is no common characteristic that differentiating the LGBTQIA members.

3. In a same-sex relationship, one person plays the masculine role & the other plays the feminine role

Just like the heterosexual community, even the LGBTQIA community practices mutual respect and understanding. The relationships are balanced and are based on preferences and equality of both partners in the relationship.

4. There is a specific lifestyle that the LGBTQIA community adopt

A lot of people think that the community has a distinct way of living. They think that there is a specific lifestyle that is followed. But this isn’t true. The members of the community can be single, with a partner, have children, or choose not to, live in any area of the country, have different occupations and is not limiting in any way. It is just like the heterosexual community.

5. Sexual preferences of the LGBTQIA community can be changed with therapy

As spoken earlier, sexual preferences are not choices, it’s who you are and hence it cannot be changed by psychological therapy. The LGBTQIA community has suffered a lot at the expense of such fakes and scams that claim they have a cure for sexuality. It is nothing more than a scam and the things they put their patients through, is nothing short of hell. It’s essential to understand it’s natural and there is no cure for homosexuality.

We’re taking the opportunity of Pride month to spread awareness and bust myths about the LGBTQIA community and the struggles they face on a daily basis.

Information Courtesy: viu.com

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