Varun Dhawan Celebrated World Environment Day By Kick-Starting The Juhu Beach Clean Up Drive

Pallavi Manoj , 05 Jun 2018

Varun Dhawan has always tended towards being one of the socially and environmentally conscious celebrities. Whether it is reminding people of the smog-filled conditions in Delhi or the death of the last male northern white rhino, his social media has hinted towards being environmentally conscious. Today, he made a step forward in making a real difference to the environment by joining hands with the volunteer group ForWard 69. While he introduced the bottle crushing kiosk to the public at Juhu beach in Mumbai, he also spoke to them about how everyone should try and keep the beach clean.

He reminded the crowd that everyone would pick up litter if it was in their own house and the same should be done for the beach because it was also a part of our surroundings.

I stay very close to the beach even now, and if all of us join hands then we can keep the beach clean. And I promise you if that happens, you will see me at the beach everyday.

The actor was extremely happy to do his bit for the environment when he was approached for the #SaveTheBeach initiative.

I have spent many evening on the beach, playing cricket or enjoying gola with my friends. It pains me to see the state of affairs today. Versova beach is an example of how beaches can be cleaned if people put their mind to it. It’s time to make a beginning. I want my newborn niece to play on Juhu beach, like we used to, as kids.

He also took to share his experience at the event on his Instagram stories.

We are extremely happy to see celebrities coming out for causes like this.

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