10 Types Of BFFs Every Girl Should Have In Her Life

Karishma Govil , 06 Jun 2018
Best Friends (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Best Friends (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

When life is tough and you’re down and out, your friends make you feel better, don’t they? They make everything okay. They’ll help you in different phases of life and every girl needs these BFFs to uplift her. Here are a few types of friends every girl should have in her life.

1. The Shopping Buddy

This person always knows where to get the best clothes from. They know where the next sale will be and where you can expect good products from. They don’t call it ‘retail therapy’ for nothing.

2. The Agony Aunt

This one will have a solution for all your problems. You can talk for hours with her and she will patiently explain what the next step should be.

3. The Fitness Freak

When you tell her about your problems, she will encourage you to distract yourself with a workout. She will help you keep fit.

4. The Chef & Foodie

This person’s solution to every problem is food and that’s amazing. She’ll cook for you, or take you out to the best restaurants because she’s a foodie.

5. The Movie Lover

Everyone should have that one friend who loves to watch movies. Movies distract us from our problems and some movies give us good perspective too. This person will always be up for a movie.

6. The Socially Savy

This person is your go-to for all things digital. Whether is tech or social media, this person will help you out.

7. The Matchmaker

If you’re single, this person is going to try and hook you up with every single person on the planet. Of course, with your best interest in mind.

8. The Comedian

If you ever feel low, make sure to call this one up. She will make you LOL and that’s exactly what you need when you’re sad.

9. The Stylist

Always dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy. This person will help you with all the tips and tricks to dress well, not for anyone else, but to look awesome for yourself.

10. The One Who Pampers You

This person will make you feel better by taking you to a spa, shower you with gifts and somedays even a warm hug does the trick.

If you think things aren’t going your way or just feeling blah, go meet your buddies to brighten up your day because BFFs make everything okay!

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