10 Types Of Instagram Posts You'll Most Likely Come Across

Atmaj Vyas , 07 Jun 2018

It’s pretty hard to deny that we’re a generation that lives out our lives online. Social media has risen in importance over the years and now, it’s something we cannot live without. Our day starts with checking our feeds and most definitely ends with it too. Instagram is one such app that helps keep us up to date about other people’s lives. While it’s important, here are a few types of posts you’re almost always going to see people put up.

1. I’m On Vacation

Yes, we get it! You’re on a holiday in a really exotic location and we’re really happy for you! That being said, could you calm down with the posts? It’s not being salty, it’s just that there are only those many angles of the ocean that we care about.

2. Look At All The Cool Things I Eat

Ahh, the notorious bunch of people who love clicking a picture of everything they eat. While some do it because it’s their profession, others do it because… well, maybe it’s cool? Either way, eat your damn food! We’ve seen better pictures of that white sauce pasta! Tsk.

3. Check Out My Outfit

The infamous #OOTD type of posts. Okay, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it when you’re going somewhere special or for an event. That being said, we probably don’t need to know what you’re wearing for grocery shopping.

4. I Just Broke Up But I’m Totally Fine

We’re sorry that your relationship ended! We really are. But, you don’t need to prove to everyone on social media that you’re fine. Plus that passive-aggressive tone you’re using with a semi-bi**hy quote doesn’t really say, I’m fine.

5. Inspirational Quotes To Prove That I’m Doing Just Fine

Alright, so this one is probably the most annoying of the lot. Why the hell is there an inspirational quote that talks about life and struggles, when your picture is of a freaking salad? Like, are you struggling to eat that plate of leaves? Seriously, stop it!

6. F**k The Haters

Aite, we get it, you really don’t care about the world and all the people who don’t like you. Then again, why is it so important for you to keep telling them to f**k off anyway? So, basically you still care but you really want to be cool, right?

7. Check Out This Product I’m Never Going To Use

Look! Here’s a brilliant face wash that will probably make your skin peel off and also may cost a kidney! Well, I’m never going to use it, but for the sake of some moolah, let’s falsely advertise it! Gah, seriously, people who put up these kinds of posts are simply annoying AF.

8. #TBT: I Wish I Had More Content To Upload

The famous throwback Thursday! When the world of Instagram decides to throw it all the way back to something random and something people forgot about. #StayRelevant.

9. Look At Me, Look At Me

We all click selfies! It’s only natural to want to click a picture of yourself, especially if you look good! Well, that being said, maybe you need to calm down with them. It’s okay to click a hundred and choose to upload three, maybe even five, but there’s a limit. You can’t be that self-obsessed and honestly, no one wants to see 5 different angles of your face.

10. I Like Getting Hammered On The Weekend

Actually, we’re not going to complain about this one! TBH, they’re hilarious! It’s great to see people getting wasted over the weekend and their posts are the best entertainment.

What are the kind of posts that really grind your gears? Let us know in the comments below.

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