OMG! So That’s What Virat Kohli’s Leaked Video Was All About

OMG! So That’s What Virat Kohli’s Leaked Video Was All About

Priyanka Parmar

Remember how we reported a leaked video of Virat Kohli a day ago? It is normal for celebs to be seen giving measurements for clothes considering the number of public appearances they have to make. However, this footage shows Virat getting his beard measured and it looks like he was getting it insured. Two officials were seen taking photos of his beard while the cricketer signed what seemed like an official document.

We’ve been intrigued, curious and downright confused too! But Virat finally decided to turn our confused look into an amused one. Turns out, the Indian Cricket Captain is the new brand ambassador for the New advanced Philips trimmer.

Check it out!

Phew! Virat almost had us worried with that leaked footage but we’re so glad that he is the new ambassador for the New advanced Philips trimmer. The trimmer’s features and Virat make kind of a perfect match. Don’t believe me?

Let me give you 5 reasons why I think so and you’ll agree with me by the end of it.

  1. Lasts 6X Longer
    The Philips trimmer lasts 6 times longer just like the unmatched cricketer on the field.
  2. Long lasting performance powered by Dura-Power technology
    The trimmer has the right kinda power to give you a winning look. We’ve all seen (and whistled for) Virat’s power-packed performance during cricket matches!
  3. Perfect trim every day with Lift and Trim technology
    A perfect trim and confidence can help you win over almost anyone just like Virat’s perfect shots win matches all the time!
  4. Easy to use
    Much like the cricketer who steers clear of all the drama and simply believes in having the best win on-field, the trimmer also is hassle-free and gets you the best results!
  5. 20 length settings with easy to use Zoom wheel
    Some days and matches are just extra special! While Virat dishes out on-point shots for curveballs on the field, the trimmer can help you groom your beard just the way you like it with its 20 length settings!

TBH a well-groomed beard is the sexiest kinda beard. So go on, get yourself one today & get your groom on!

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