10 Things To Do To Make The Most Of The Rains

10 Things To Do To Make The Most Of The Rains

Karishma Govil

The most beautiful season is here! There are so many things we love to do during the monsoon, isn’t it? Here are a few fun things we’ve listed down for you to explore in the rains. Here they are.

1. A Walk

Go for a walk with your friends in the rain. It’s more liberating than you think. Take a break from your busy life and let go of all your troubles.

2. Spontaneous Long Drives

Pick up a friend, load up on some snacks, play some awesome music and hit the road to an undecided destination.

3. Stay In And Watch Movies Or Read A Book

Read that book you’ve been meaning to read or just binge-watch some nice movies with bae. Nothing is better than some cuddles and a nice flick to go with it.

4. Quick Getaways

There are so many places around the city that you could go to this monsoon. Just pack your bags and drive off. It’s the perfect weather for a road trip.

5. Bhajiya Party

This season is all about sipping on warm chai and onion bhajiyas. Gather all your buddies and have a chai and bhajiya party at home.

6. Binge On Golas And Roasted Corn

When we were kids, we would run up to the bhuttawala on the corner of the street and have our favorite butter masala bhutta with lime. It’s time to bring those memories back by heading to the nearest vendor and binging on that roasted corn!

7. Playing Football

Football is so much more fun when it rains. Gather the troops and plan a match soon.

8. Swimming

Taking a dip in the pool is so relaxing in the monsoon. It’s definitely chilling, but super fun!

9. Take A Nap

Get lazy, curl up in your blanket and just pass the eff out. There’s nothing more relaxing than a much-needed long nap with the sound of the rain falling outside.

10. Trekking

If you’re adventurous, head for a fun trek nearby in the monsoon. The view after the trek will be extremely satisfying.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to do these things until the season lasts. Tell us your favorite thing in the comments below.

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