The internet is probably one of the most important things for everyone out there. Most of our life is connected to it. From our favourite shows, to pretty much every other task, we need the internet. While it seems unlikely that there is ever a time when you just can’t connect to the net, if it ever does happen, it feels pretty devastating. With the monsoons finally here, the chances of your net going down are pretty high. So, to help you through your struggles here are 10 things you may want to consider doing to while away the time.

1. Play The T-Rex Game

Just in case you didn’t know, when your net is down and you open the browser, the little T-rex over there isn’t just for show. If you press space key, it actually starts a fun, mind-numbing and headache-inducing little mini-game. It’s actually pretty addictive.

2. Clean Your House

You know you need to anyway. Might as well take the initiative and get started. It’s not like you’ve got a whole lot better to do.

3. Engage In A Meaningful Conversation

You might be surprised to see how nice a good conversation can make you feel! It might be tough, but try it! You might also end up making a new friend in the process. Maybe even talk to a neighbour.

4. Make A Scrapbook

Need a good distraction? Start making a scrapbook! Every time the internet goes down, you can keep adding a little something to it. By the end of it, you might pleasantly surprise yourself with how creative you can actually be.

5. Make Plans With Your Friends

Call your friends up and make some plans with them. You can totally cancel them when the net is up and running again. At least that way, you’re making a conversation and showing your friends you’re not totally antisocial.

6. Just Chill

Since you probably can’t Netflix and chill, you’ll need to just figure out how to manage with just chilling. Maybe you could try learning a new life skill. Like doing the laundry, learning to clean your house or maybe even drilling a hole in your wall, without getting the whole building to collapse. #EndlessPossibilities.

7. Try Your Hand At Cooking

Don’t know what to do? Cook! It’s the most productive thing to do, provided you don’t burn the entire house down. As a caution, maybe keep a fire extinguisher around, you know, safety first and all.

8. Pamper Yourself

When the net is down, it’s probably a good idea to get out of the house and treat yourself to something fun. Go to the spa or maybe get that haircut you wanted. Go ahead, make yourself look like a civilised part of society.

9. Read A Book

Honestly, your mind needs a break from all that time you’ve spent, staring at a screen. If it could thank you, it really would.

10. Get A Life

Calm your pitchforks! We’re sure you have an amazing life, but when the internet is down, you could probably take the time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. #SavedByTheBell

What do you do when your internet goes down? Let us know in the comments below.

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