Watching the raindrops fall on the window sill while you’re cozy indoors is the most blissful moment, right? But that’s because you’re indoors and the rain can’t really get to you. The real struggle is when you have to be up and about in the rain. The muck, wet shoes and the dampness outside just takes it out of you, doesn’t it? Here are the struggles we all go through during the monsoon.

1. Toe Jam Odour

That odor of gunk, perspiration and damp socks during the rain in a closed atmosphere is the worst to deal with. There’s really nothing you could do but inhale oxygen selectively.

2. Humidity

You blow dry your hair and in minutes, it’s ruined with the humidity. It affects your skin, hair and your immunity too.

3. Traffic

It’s not like we don’t go through enough traffic already. But the monsoon makes it so much worse. The struggle of getting from one place to the other in traffic is exhausting.

4. Dressing Up Doesn’t Matter

There’s literally no point of getting ready, putting on your favorite shoes, and setting your hair in a certain style because it’ll all get ruined the minute you step out.

5. Falling Down A Lot

If you don’t have the right pair of shoes, or if you’re clumsy, you’re in for a world of pain this season. ‘Tis the season to slip and fall a lot!

6. Falling Sick Often

Due to the contaminated air and diseases around, everyone’s immunity is at an all-time low. Itchy throats, flu, and other sicknesses are common during the season.

7. Those Goddamn Potholes And Craters

Watch out! There are potholes everywhere. If not, there are many damaged roads that you may trip on while walking. If that wasn’t enough, these craters are full of dirty water that’ll splash on you while the cars go over it.

8. Bye-Bye White Clothes

Bid your white clothes goodbye in the rains. This color is a complete taboo unless you want to ruin that outfit forever.

9. Transportation Struggles

Getting a cab or rickshaw is almost impossible without a struggle. The trains are late and the cabs are at a massive surge.

10. Drying Your Clothes

Wash your clothes selectively this monsoon because it’ll take forever to dry up. Choose your clothes wisely this time of the year.

11. Slow Wifi And Network

The one thing we cannot handle is slow internet or connectivity. Calls dropping and not being able to surf the internet is the most frustrating thing ever and this happens often when it rains continuously.

Aren’t these relatable AF? There’s not much you could do about the traffic or the humidity, but you could watch your step when you get out of your house. Brace yourself this season, and make sure to organize your time well.

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