5 Reasons Why A Bra Is A Girl’s Best Friend & Worst Enemy

5 Reasons Why A Bra Is A Girl’s Best Friend & Worst Enemy

Prashansa Daniell

Women all over the world will agree when we say that a woman’s relationship with her bra is a love-hate one. We love the support bras provide, we love the pretty colours and textures they come in but sometimes it really feels like a cage on your body, right? Even though we’ve been exploring this love-hate relationship from adolescence to adulthood and beyond—We’ll never fully know how to feel about bras in general, right?

1. Your Workout Bud

We cannot even count the number of times a sports bra has been our friend indeed! Those long, rigorous workouts were def made a little easier thanks to our supportive friend, the sports bra.

2. The Handpicked One aka Your All-Time Fave

We all have that one bra we know we’re never gonna let go of. No matter how many years we’ve had it. It gives comfort, support, shape—just like a best friend in the form of your bra. This is the bra that knows you. The modern woman demands comfort and support without having the hassles of discomfort and we feel Jockey has that down to the T. The bras they make don’t only make you feel sexy but also make sure they hold you up (pun intended). Trust us when we say that this is the kind of bra you’ll never let go of—No matter how old it is.

3. Makes You Feel Caged

Raise your hands if you’ve ever awkwardly made adjustments whilst trying not to make eye contact with anyone in your workspace. (I, for one, have) We often forget that the bra that supports also constricts, the discomfort factor is real, you guys. So by the end of the day when we get home, this as shown below is one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

4. The Twisted Bra Strap

Another reason every woman will relate to hating her bra is that unwanted twisted bra strap. Sometimes it feels like it has a mind of its own. You put it on straight but the twists just somehow happen? Weird, right.

5. One For Every Occasion

Being a woman is so much fun! And wearing/buying bras is such a big part of that fun. The plethora of options available for women to buy is amazing. From push-up bras, sexy lace bras, sports bras and everything in between. The world of bras is one that is beautiful and ever-evolving and we’re so blessed to be a part of that journey.

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