Priyanka Chopra Apologizes To Her Fans After The Quantico Debacle

Priyanka Parmar , 12 Jun 2018
Priyanka Chopra (Source: Instagram)
Priyanka Chopra (Source: Instagram)

The final season of the American TV Series, Quanticostarring Priyanka Chopra, came to an end on the 1st of June. Loyal fans were saddened that their favourite show won’t be aired anymore. But other than that, a large chunk of the Indian fans was pretty upset with the final episode’s content which showcased ‘Indian nationalists’ planning a bomb blast in Manhattan in order to accuse Pakistan of it.

This obviously didn’t go down well with the audiences and they slammed Priyanka being a part of such content. The actress finally took to Twitter to address the netizens and tweeted:

The makers of the show had earlier issued an apology for hurting the sentiments of the audience. The statement read:

ABC Studios and the executive producers of ‘Quantico’ would like to extend an apology to our audience who were offended by the most recent episode, ‘The Blood of Romeo.’ The episode has stirred a lot of emotion, much of which is unfairly aimed at Priyanka Chopra, who didn’t create the show, nor does she write or direct it. She has no involvement in the casting of the show or the storylines depicted in the series.

It also mentioned:

Quantico is a work of fiction. The show has featured antagonists of many different ethnicities and backgrounds, but in this case we inadvertently and regrettable stepped into a complex political issue. It was certainly not our intention to offend anyone.

After all that has been said and the flak that PeeCee has received for the decision, she hadn’t even made, Pooja Bhatt spoke in her defense:

Priyanka will soon be returning to Indian to shoot for Bharat opposite Salman Khan.

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