Father’s Day is just around the corner and we are sure a lot of you have plans to spend time with your best friend and superhero. If you have decided to stay at home and spend time with your dad, then here’s a list of 11 movies you can choose from or even binge-watch with him this Sunday!

1. Up

This animated movie is a perfect watch for Father’s Day! Carl, an old widower, goes on an adventure in his flying house in search of Paradise Falls, his wife’s dream destination,  unexpectedly with a young orphaned boy. What follows is an adventure trail between the two and as the movie progresses you see a  father-son relation developing between the two.

2. Finding Nemo

A clownfish goes through extreme lengths and struggles after his only son, Nemo gets abducted from the Great Barrier Reef. The movie is filled with so many funny, thrilling and emotional moments and you can watch it with your dad, irrespective of your age.

3. The Intern

A seventy year old man Ben Whittaker played by Robert De Niro finds his retired life very boring post his wife’s death and decided to join a senior internship programme at fashion e-commerce company run by Jules, played by Anne Hathaway. Initially he finds him quite interfering but soon as he starts assists her in her work, they develop an understanding relation built on trust and friendship and you certainly see a father figure in De Niro.

4. Taken

In this action-packed film, an ex-CIA agent’s daughter is kidnapped by traffickers while she is on a trip with her friend in Paris. With very little information of her whereabouts, the father travels to Paris and relies on his old skills to fight off criminals and save his daughter and a lot of other young girls.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness

Based on a true story, Will Smith plays the character of Chris Gardener who loses all his money after investing in a product and is forced to take up an unpaid internship in a stockbroking company to make a better life and future for his son, whose custody is with him after his wife leaves him. This beautiful movie shows the journey of how a father as a single parent goes through so many struggles to make sure that his child has a comfortable life.

6. The Week Of

If you’re looking for something entertaining to watch, then The Week Of should be on your list! The story is about how two fathers with completely different personalities have no choice but spend time together as their children are getting married. They go through with a chaotic week and have no option but wait till the big day.

7. Father Of The Bride

George Banks, played by Steve Martin, has a beautiful family and his daughter Annie is soon going to get married. However, he has a hard time accepting this and doesn’t want her to go. The movie has a lot of comic moments that shows a protective side of a father, making it a great watch on Father’s Day.

8. Blended

Lauren and Jim are two single parents who meet on a disastrous blind date. Later they accidentally find themselves with their kids spending a family vacation. As they spend more time, they start falling in love. Even though the movie centres around this plot, its a heartwarming movie to watch with your dad as it shows how a single dad takes care of his three daughters after his wife’s death and is ready to move on and build a new family with another woman who also has two kids.

9. Daddy’s Home

Brad Whitaker, a radio host, plans to get his stepsons to like him but it all goes down the drain when the biological dad returns! Its fun to watch this battle of dad v/s stepdad and see who finally wins.

10. Logan

If you and your dad are X-men fans, you will love the action packed and extremely emotional movie, Logan. Hugh Jackman plays the role of Logan who has retired and takes care of an ailing Professor X. He soon comes out of retirement when he meets a young mutant named Laura with powers similar to him. He decided to save her as well as other mutant children from an evil corporation experimenting on them.

11. Definitely, Maybe

A father in his early 30s takes care of his 11-year-old daughter who questions him about his divorce and past relationships with three women. While narrating the story to her, he realises who he is actually in love with and reunites with her.

Which movies will you be watching with your dad this Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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