Celebrity Slam Book: 10 Fitness Rules For Women, According To Sophie Choudry

Karishma Govil , 14 Jun 2018
Sophie Choudry
Sophie Choudry

Celebrities always need to stay fit and energized because of their busy and fast-paced lifestyles and shoots. One such celebrity who focuses on staying fit is Sophie Choudry and she’s given us a low-down on how women can stay fit even though their lifestyles are erratic. Here are a few things a woman should keep in mind while they attempt a healthy lifestyle change.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Sophie mentioned that while it is important to set goals, it is also important to keep them realistic. You cannot compare your workouts with others as everyone’s metabolism, stamina, and lifestyles are different.

2. Consistency Is Key

Rather than exhausting your body with rigorous workouts two weeks straight and eventually giving up, you should pace it out with an alternate day workout that’ll be more consistent.

3. Find A Workout Style You Enjoy

A lot of times, we enroll for classes we don’t really enjoy. Sophie suggests to figure out what you really like doing and stick to that. If you don’t you’ll always look for excuses to bunk. In fact, group workouts help in motivating a person harder. As an example, she mentioned that Kangana Ranaut and she would motivate each other in London.

4. Fitness And Diet Go Hand-In-Hand

Sophie tells us the importance of a healthy diet. She said that there is no point in burning calories in a workout only to binge on junk food later. According to her, 80% of weight control is subject to a healthy diet. She also suggested to never ever starve and instead, make sensible choices.

5. Never Go Extreme

Never diet or workout in extremes. You may lose the weight quickly but you will put it all back on just as quickly the minute you can’t keep u. Slow and steady wins the race and keeps the weight off longer.

6. Detox Is The Answer

Detoxing is a great way to cleanse the body and get it to work more efficiently. This doesn’t mean you need to starve or only survive on juices. Sophie recommends the tea she recently launched that helps her in detoxifying. Another way you could detox is by making a conscious effort to get off sugar, coffee, alcohol, dairy, and meat as much as possible for a couple of weeks. This will help your body and metabolism to kickstart afresh!

7. Stay Clear Of Raw Food In The Evening

Do not eat anything raw including fruit and salads after 4:00 PM. It’s too difficult for your body to digest at this time and will definitely cause more acidity when what you actually want to do is keep your body PH level alkaline. It’s the acidity that causes all kinds of negativity, illness, discomfort in your body. Keep it in check with a more alkaline diet, cooked food and consume lighter meals in the evening!

8. It’s Okay To Cheat

Sometimes, it’s okay to cheat. Sophie doesn’t need more than a block of dark chocolate to satisfy her sweet cravings but she also admits that others may need more than that, especially at first. So, she suggests indulging in a cheat meal once a week but not the whole day. In fact, shocking the body with a cheat meal once a week can increase the metabolism.

9. Fitness Is A Lifestyle

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad. It is not a temporary way of losing weight. It is a way of life that needs to be maintained for a long-term goal.

10. Fall In Love With Your Body

And above all love yourself and your body. While it is important to stay fit and motivate to improve your body, Sophie also tells us to be kind to it. Life is too short to become so fitness obsessed that you miss out on all the fun stuff which includes sharing a meal with loved ones. Find the balance between being fit and enjoying life.

Getting these tips from an expert surely makes us want to live the fitter life, doesn’t it? Go ahead and strive to build a healthy lifestyle that could help you stay fit in the long run.

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