We’ve all loved and grooved on, Tempted To Touch. Heck, play it in a club today and you’d still find people dancing their hearts out to it. Sahil Sharma


Zaeden also knows what a gem this track is and is all set to launch an official revamped version of Rupee‘s hit track soon. What makes this news all the more exciting is the fact that the video will feature the stunning, Lisa Haydon. Yep, looks like they’re ready to blow our minds and get our jaws dropping to the floor.

When asked about being a part of such hit pop number, Lisa said:

Zaeden is truly in touch with pop culture today. And that is reflective in this classic remake. Which, made it an obvious choice to want to collaborate on the video with him and his team. It’s rare to work with creatives that are so open to everyone bringing their POV to the table and yet maintaining their own individuality and signature style. It’s an amazing track!

Talking about the song, Zaeden shared:

The original track has been a pinned favourite on my playlist since I was a teenager, making music out of my bedroom. Rupee and his team trusted in my vision so I started working on the track almost 3 years ago.

He also mentioned where they planned  on shooting for the song:

The video will be shot in New Delhi and Mumbai this month and Rupee is also expected to visit India around the same time.

Rupert Clarke aka Rupee spoke about what made this collaboration so great:

I am very humbled by the fact that Tempted To Touch is still a massive tune for me worldwide. It has become an immortal classic. Zaeden and his team’s energy, humility, insight and spirit definitely struck a positive chord with me and I echoed these sentiments to my team. After a lot of hard work from both parties we are blessed to have finally reached a destination of incredible musical ingredients, added to a working formula!I am super excited for this one or should I say, I am… Tempted To Watch, Tempted To Watch. 

Come on! I had to do that. K Bye.