5 Things We Love About Priyanka Chopra’s New Mini-Series

5 Things We Love About Priyanka Chopra’s New Mini-Series

Rashmi Bhosale

When we saw Priyanka Chopra‘s boomerang with the caption ‘Life is hard’, we didn’t know that it was just a glimpse of what was headed our way. She stars in this new editorial mini-series of Harper’s Bazaar called Little Black Book Of Wellness With Priyanka Chopra.

The series gives an insider access to what it is like to be an international star like Priyanka Chopra. She also promises to share her tricks of the trades and talks about all the people involved in the BTS action. The first episode focused on the people she trusts the most when it comes to her style, her expert stylists. In the episode we see celebrity stylist Mimi Cuttrel discuss Priyanka’s street style, whereas celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich talks about the famous MET Gala moments.

The five things we truly love about this mini-series are:

  1. Insider Access– If you ever wondered what a day in the life of Priyanka Chopra looks like, then this might be your one chance to actually have a glimpse at it. And to be honest it looks like a whirlwind of activities and events.
  2. Creative Focus – Since each episode focuses on one aspect of her daily life, we also get some insights on the creative process like styling from episode one. So, it’s informative for a person who is interested in styling and also helps us understand the amount of work that goes behind creating a style statement.
  3. Priyanka’s Personal Style – The first episode and we bet the following ones too, will show us some interesting details and understanding towards Priyanka’s style. For example, in this episode, she mentions she is totally into small sunglasses and monochrome style and loves to have a good shoe moment.
  4. Heart To Heart – We love the candid moments on the sofa and in the car, where Priyanka gets real with the audience and talks her heart out.
  5. The Little Black Book – Though the book gives the whole mini-series the reference, we can’t stop loving the little details it shows, like the episode mention, people involved and even the appointment times.

We can’t wait for the next episode! Tell us what you think of the mini-series in the comments below.

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