This Guy’s Answer To Anushka Sharma Calling Him Out For Littering Is Everything That’s Wrong With Our Society

Shravan Shah , 18 Jun 2018

Anushka Sharma and the 'shammed' man

So usually, I write a blog as the voice of team MissMalini, but today after reading a Facebook post, I was compelled to voice my opinion because this is something I feel personally about. If you have been busy over the long weekend and didn’t have time to check your Instagram feed, an incident took place on Saturday which managed to grab my attention. Virat Kohli had shared a video of Anushka Sharma calling out a guy who had littered on the streets after he threw plastic out from the window of his car. Anushka was quite a hero for pulling him up for it.

While I really thought that we need more people like her, I came across a Facebook profile of the ‘hero ’ who had managed to litter. While I really was expecting him to be apologetic, Mr. Arhhan Singh didn’t think that Anushka needed to make such a hue and cry for just dropping ‘a sq mm of plastic’ on the streets.

He wrote,

Arrhan Singh's rant

Now here’s everything that’s wrong with this post. To begin with, you can’t carelessly throw garbage on the streets, ‘mistakenly’ – whether it’s a square mm of plastic or a 100 feet sheet of plastic. Littering is littering and it’s really sad to see young millennials who have been educated enough about public etiquette to indulge in something we often end up accusing the uneducated for. If you’ve managed to pull down the windows of your car, of course, you knew there was an intention behind that – the first being – to litter. Like every citizen of this country, she has the right to call out something she finds wrong (thank the Lord our celebrities are finally speaking up) – and before we start calling her names, how about we go back to the basic rule we were taught in kindergarten – “Do Not Litter”.

Honestly, it’s high time and we wish more people spoke up like Anushka because we’ve all witnessed people throw trash on the streets but seldom do we act upon it and call people out. Her etiquette was on point according to me and well deserved given the careless behavior on your end. How about the next time, we think for a second about the environmental implications before indulging in something that’s absolutely avoidable? It’ll make the world a much nicer place, I promise.

Yours truly,

An environment lover.

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