It’s easy to sideline the low bun hairstyle by calling it boring. But Deepika Padukone seems to prove that wrong with her elegant beauty looks. We have spotted her sport this hairstyle many times. The idea behind it was to not always go for the simpler version of a low bun but to amp up the game of this underestimated hairdo. Her hair mostly has a sleek texture to go along with it too. Here are a few instances where she made us want to tie up our hair in a low bun just like her:

1. The Sleek Bun

2. The Textured Low Chignon With Floral Details

3. Sleek Knotted Low Bun

4. Summer-Perfect Messy Low Bun

5. Sleek Low Bun Decorated With Fresh Roses

6. Braided Low Bun

7. Retro Low Bun

8. Glamorous Messy Low Bun

9. Knotted Long Low Bun

10. Twisted Low Bun

In two of his posts, celebrity hairstylist Amit Thakur even showed us how to recreate these looks. His step-by-step routines explain to us in detail how we can try out these looks at home. Check out the steps below:

Have these hairdos changed your perception about the humble low bun? Which one of these hairstyles would you be trying out next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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