Arbaaz Khan was summoned for interrogation at the Thane police station after the infamous bookie, Sonu Jalan was arrested by them in the IPL betting scandal. Arbaz, visited the anti-extortion cell of the police station on 2nd June. While earlier, there were only speculations as to why he was called in, we hear that the actor has now admitted to having placed bets on Indian Premier League (IPL) matches.

Arbaaz disclosed that betting has been his hobby for a while and that he has been placing bets for about 6 years now. When probed, Abraaz also revealed that he had lost Rs. 2.8 crores to the bookie and confessed to being blackmailed by him. According to Khan, Jalan threatened to expose his name in the scandal if his debt wasn’t settled.

A report by Times Now also suggests that a 5-member team was given the responsibility of questioning both Arbaaz and the bookie on the matter. The police are interrogating the two and waiting to find out if any other celebrities are involved in betting and if the Khan family was aware of Arbaaz’s involvement in the scandal.

The police will also be questioning Arbaaz to find out whether he was aware about the bookie’s connection to Dawood Ibrahim.