Rajat Kapoor

I believe, whenever we get a chance to do what we truly love we must take it and give it our all. Which is exactly what critically acclaimed actor and director, Rajat Kapoor is doing to ensure his story, RK/R Kay has a chance to be made into a film. Rajat is determined to create the film that he believes in but the only thing holding him back is the cause of most problems – money (says my middle-class heart).

However, the director is a man with a plan and he intends to make his film with your help aka – crowdfunding. In simple words, you can be a part of something bigger than yourself, something that transcends into a character, a story, a film. And given that it will be directed by Rajat, it has the potential to become a great film, exhibit A – Ankhon Dekhi which was also directed by him.

In his own words,

RK/R Kay is a film about making a film. It is as much a film about destiny and free will – the character who is written in a certain way, is his destiny fixed? Where does free will enter then? And what about the author – or the rest of us. Do we have free will? It is a film about authorship – There is, in the end, a question of who exactly has made this film… So eventually RK/R Kay is all of that- it is a mad, sometimes over the top and yet very real and always engaging film about a filmmaker whose main character has run out of his unfinished film.

That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So, if you’re a film enthusiast or know someone who is and would love to be a part of this crowdfunded project, then you can do so by raising funds through this website.