Priyanka Chopra is one of the few Bollywood actresses who have gone beyond the Indian film industry and made a mark for herself Internationally. She has also established herself as a singer and has a production house that encourages and supports content driven films. Besides being an artist she also dishes out inspiration with every speech she gives. The actress managed to do the same again when she was invited to speak at the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York.

At the summit, PeeCee, spoke about her love fairy tales and also made an observation we should all be thinking about:

All the fairy tales we’ve always read, end when the princess gets married. Why is there no story beyond that? That’s the end of her life! After she gets married, what happens?

It is no secret that the actress is extremely close to her mother, Madhu Chopra and shared a great bond with her dad, the Late. Ashok Chopra. The actress is proud of her upbringing and even shared a great piece of advice her dad had shared with her:

Whatever you are and whatever you want to be, that is the best version of you. Why would you ever want to fit into a glass slipper that someone has made for you… you break the glass ceiling.

Talking about her journey so far, the actress added:

I’ve always achieved everything I’ve had on my own. I did not have advisors & I started when I was 17… I was never entitled…Entitlement, even now, is not something I ever expect. Whatever I decide to be, will be my choice. No one is the decision maker in my life.

As she has been quoted saying multiple times, she wants ‘everything’ and will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. Well, her actions certainly seem to back her aspirations.

Priyanka is truly a #bossbabe, right?