Mumbai Police's Latest Meme On 'Dhadak' Is Proof That They Are Slaying The Social Media Game

Pallavi Manoj , 23 Jun 2018
Janhvi Kapoor in Dhadak
Janhvi Kapoor in Dhadak

No matter what you say about the Mumbai police, they’ve got some serious social media game. Have you seen their tweets? They’re timely, relatable and funny, everything every brand wants to be. And looks like the Mumbai police loves Bollywood as much as we do because every time anything starts trending related to Bollywood the law enforcement authority is one of the first ones in line to take that up and turn into relatable memes that usually send out a very important message. Remember how they caught on to Daisy shah‘s Race 3 dialogue? And now, they’ve turned their attention to the Dhadak trailer to remind people not to ignore traffic signals and it’s effin’ hilarious.

Check it out.

Take a bow, Mumbai Police, you know what’s up!

And it’s not just us, even Janhvi Kapoor noticed this new PSA and took to share it on her Instagram stories and told her followers how much she enjoyed it.

Just to give you some extra LOLs and public service announcements combined, here are a few of our favourite tweets from the Mumbai police.

Your meme game is legendary!

The Mumbai police force has better social media swag than all of us millennials put together. Take notes, everyone!

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