To Wear That Crop Top Or Not? The Dilemma That Dictates How Every Girl Dresses

To Wear That Crop Top Or Not? The Dilemma That Dictates How Every Girl Dresses

Prashansa Daniell

This week on episode 2 of #TheGirlTribe, MissMalini aka Malini Agarwal had one of her most favorite people on the show—Adhuna Bhabani. They talked about issues that we as women today face every single day. You can check it out here!

We, as women are caught in a tricky spot when it comes to dressing up. And it’s not just the special events or important parties that we need to attend—It’s everyday living.  Just like Adhuna Bhabani said in the episode, “How much do we protect, and how much do we empower?”. It’s sad that we have to ask ourselves and other women this question each time we want to wear something that goes beyond the norms of society. We’ve conditioned ourselves to consciously dress up a certain way widely depending on these three aspects. Here they are below:


In order to ‘protect’ me, my mum always said, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Which basically meant that the way I dressed had to depend on the place I was going to. For example, it is considered more acceptable for me to wear shorts in a place like Goa rather than on the streets of Mumbai.


If you do choose to wear a bodycon dress to a club one night, do you have enough people around you to protect you? Do you have enough boys who can drop you home? These are the questions that arise in my mind each time I think of wearing a slightly (for lack of a better word) risqué outfit in the night.


Personally, what I wear a lot of times depends on what mode of transport I’m taking. After hearing so many cases of assault and sexual harassment in taxis and other modes of public transport.

Should we continue to confine ourselves to this criterion that keeps us safe or should we as women wear whatever we please and teach society normalcy through that? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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