One of the main reasons the audience was anxiously waiting for IIFA 2018 was because of Rekha ji. The timeless beauty performed on stage after 20 years and it was quite a big deal. While we’ve seen the legend come to various award shows usually adorned in her silk sarees, she has always chosen to be a charming spectator to it all. This time she was an active part of the show and we have to say we are so glad!

She didn’t shy away from joining the boys at rehearsals either.

How cute is this picture?

We got a glimpse of her splendid stage performance and we are speechless.

Check it out.

This legend is apparently 63 years old, as a fan, I honestly refuse to believe that and genuinely believe she’s aging in reverse. We can only dream of moving as elegantly and effortlessly as Rekha ji does.

We can’t wait to catch the complete performance! Are you excited?