Got that much-awaited and well-deserved promotion, throwing your friend a birthday party, or just craving an entire cake by yourself? Today, we’ve got you a list of places that offer the most delicious cakes you’d want to try out if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Here they are.

1. Deliciae By Bunty Mahajan, Khar

MM Recommends: Death By Chocolate Cake
Price Per kg: ₹1,150 ++

2. Theobroma, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Opium Cake
Price Per kg: ₹1,200 ++

3. Toshin, Chembur

MM Recommends: Opera Cake
Price Per kg: ₹2,000 ++

4. Le 15 Patisserie, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Belgian Chocolate Cake
Price Per kg: ₹1,857 ++

5. Sassy Teaspoon, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Belgian Black Forest Cake
Price Per kg: ₹1,510 ++

6. Ann Marie’s, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Dark Chocolate And Strawberry Cake
Price Per kg: ₹2,300 ++

7. Vanilla Beans, Bandra

MM Recommends: JW Black Label Mirror Glaze Cake
Price Per kg: ₹3,500 ++

8. Country Of Origin, Multiple Outlets

MM Recommends: Gooey Double Chocolate Fudge Cake
Price Per kg: ₹1,800 ++

9. Melting Morsels, Bandra

MM Recommends: The Maltesers Cake
Price Per kg: ₹2,400 ++

10. Cocoamaya, Sakinaka

MM Recommends: Celeste Cake
Price Per kg: ₹1,600 ++

No need for an occasion to celebrate with cakes that are so delicious! Tell us your favorite in the comments below.

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