The best day of the week is here. That much-awaited feeling called ‘Monday Blues’ has most likely kicked in by now and we can’t wait to bring our A-game this week (ugh!). Rolling your eyes already? Well today, we’ve got you a list of things you should probably avoid doing on a Monday.

1. Call In Sick At Work

The weekend was a hard one, we’re sure. You’ve partied like a rockstar and you may have also killed it on Sunday too. This may mean that you’re dealing with a massive hangover and the last thing you should do is call in sick. Especially if you’ve uploaded stories on Instagram from last night of you dancing like a maniac on YMCA when your boss follows you. Everyone knows what a Monday morning sick leave is all about.

2. Wake Up Late

Being the first day of the week, the management is way too alert to see who makes it in on time. You do not want to be on their list of late-comers.

3. Listen To Sad Or Slow Music

The last thing you need is sad music to pull you down on a Monday morning. You’re probably down and out already, so instead listen to upbeat music to lift your spirits.

4. Interact With People You Don’t Like

Stay away from negative and annoying people today. The day hasn’t even begun yet and these people are all set to irritate you so, it’s best to avoid them.

5. Step Into Long Meetings

You will pass the eff out if you head for a meeting that’s going to last for hours. And if you do, make sure to stock up on some coffee to get you through it.

6. Open Your Emails First Thing In The Morning

Opening your emails first thing on a Monday morning can be pretty annoying. It’s so overwhelming to open 263 emails, that you rather get your first cup of coffee first, and then get right to it. Brace yourself for a gamut of things to do today.

7. Be Spotted By Your Boss

Hide, now! Make sure to avoid eye contact with the boss today. He surely has a lot of work to delegate, so stay clear of the B-man.

So, make sure to avoid these things and maintain a low profile today. Finish your work efficiently and leave for the day. The blues should hopefully leave you by Wednesday and till then, just power through!

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