Arjun Kanungo And Momina Mustehsan's 'Aaya Na Tu' Will Leave You With A Bitter-Sweet Feeling Of Love

Priyanka Parmar , 25 Jun 2018
Arjun Kanungo & Momina Mustehsan

Arjun  Kanungo made us all groove to his party hit, Baki Baatein Peene Baad and made us feel the pain of separation with Fursat. And while we’re still not over his last track La La La with the talented Neha Kakkar, the artist has returned with another love ballad with Pakistani artiste, Momina Mustehsan. The latest single is called, Aaya Na Tu and has crossed over 16 million views.

Watch it now if you haven’t already!

Sometimes, love stories begin in the most beautiful ways but don’t last much longer. Our busy lives, careers, choices, ambitions and so many other factors make our priorities go blurry.

The song depicts a couple stuck in the present, struggling to make a choice of whether or not they can go back to the way they use to be. The tone and mood of the song are such that every millennial out there will find a connection with, Aaya Na Tu.

Take a moment, sit back and dedicate this to the ones we left behind, the ones we can never forget.

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