Keshav Suri Marries His Long Time Partner Cyril Feuillebois In Paris

Team MissMalini , 27 Jun 2018

The Executive Director of the Lalit Hotels, Keshav Suri, just got married to his partner Cyril Feuillebois in the city of love, Paris. The two were in a relationship for 10 years. How beautiful is this!

Cyril owns an organic cosmetics company and the two have been living at Keshav’s home in New Delhi. Keshav announced his wedding on social media yesterday and said,

10 years of being miserable together, i loved every second of it. Lead the way for the next 10 years babe, am sure it will be torture but i am a sucker for punishment. @kronokare

As An LQBTQ+ Activist

Keshav Suri is also an active campaigner for LGBTQIA rightsIn April, he had filed a plea in the Supreme Court saying that he was threatened for false prosecution and is not able to live a life of dignity where he can choose to have a relation with his own partner as he was staying with him for a decade. The petition has been placed before a Constitution bench. Very recently the Lalit Hotels announced the Group Mediclaim Policy during Pride Month which extends healthcare benefits to LGBTQIA employees.

Six-Colour Pride Flag (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Six-Colour Pride Flag (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

We all know that it very difficult to have an openly gay relationship in India because of Section 377. People belonging to the LGBTQIA community are denied basic human rights. We are proud of them for taking this huge step and hope that the laws towards the community change soon.

We would like to congratulate the two on their wedding and wish for them to have a wonderful life together! 

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