A Leading Publication Just Put Out A Derogatory Ad About Priyanka Chopra And We're Furious

Pallavi Manoj , 28 Jun 2018

Oh, hello…

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It’s 2018 and women are finally coming out, holding important positions speaking about things that are supposed to be spoken about, smashing the glass ceiling and kicking misogyny in the balls. Well…most of the time. On the other hand,  people still complain about the ‘overflow’ of feminist content online. People still think it’s okay to tell women that their dresses are too short, casual sexism is still widely prevalent and of course, the usual dialogue  ‘feminism sheminism’ is too much now…
But one woman who has been ignoring the haters and has been on top of the game for quite some time has been Priyanka Chopra. She has grown leaps and bounds after her Miss World win in 2000.
And you’d think that’s amazing! A woman that’s made her way to the top in her own right. Right? Wrong.
From time to time, women are shown their ‘position’ through a sly comment, a raunchy joke or in PeeCee‘s case an ad by a leading publication. Most often than not, it’s women who pull down women.
I don’t want to colour your thoughts. But go ahead and take a good look at this ad.

The Times of India has published an ad that is plain and simple SEXIST, DEROGATORY and OFFENSIVE. And at the centre of…

Posted by Meghnad Bose onSunday, June 24, 2018

At first, a reader may go ‘oh that’s nice’. But look closely. For those who have been following Bollywood Gossip columns closely, you know what the ad is trying to imply.

But, why?

Why does a woman’s achievement have to be brought down to all the men she has dated or rumored to have dated? Let’s give the makers of the ad the benefit of doubt, it could be anyone one they were referring to yes?
There are so many Khans, Bawejas, Kapoors in India. Is it by coincidence that a Jonas just happens to be in the mix? For anybody who is on social media would know that PeeCee and Nick Jonas have been together for a few months, thanks to their pictures flooding our timelines. The irony of this ad is that they’re talking about the role of women in media and how the particular group has a higher women viewership. They even have pictures of women reporters of the TV channel on the ad.

Is cheap publicity like this so important that you’d elevate a woman to the top only to list out her achievements to the different surnames that she may or may not have had?
What could have been a brilliant concept, has now turned it into sensational news and how?

Do we start adding the surnames of all our ex-boyfriends to our names too?

What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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