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If you are obsessed with the youngest Jenner’s perfectly chiselled face (I am guilty of that too!), then Vogue’s new Beauty Secrets video featuring Kylie Jenner is a must-see. She shows us her whole beauty routine and I kid you not, it involves ’37’ steps! Yes, and it’s definitely worth a watch. She starts by perfecting her brows, moves on to her eyeshadow and completes the look with blush (her most favourite product BTW) and setting spray. Aptly known as ‘Kylie Jenner’s Guide To Lips, Brows, Confidence’, the video covers all these aspects seamlessly.

Here are the 8 things I learnt from her makeup routine:

1. Always start with your eyebrows and touch them up with a brow gel in the end.

2. Use concealer to define your brows and then blend it down all over your lids.

3. Always do your foundation after applying eyeshadow, so as to cover up the fallout.

4. Powder bake your jawline only after applying bronzer to get that chiselled finish.

5. For fuller lips, colour your whole lip with a lip liner (She did this with her eyes closed, say whaaaat?!).

6. Applying blush slightly on your forehead and chin brings freshness to the face.

7. You can use a brown mascara on the lower lashes if you don’t want them to overpower your eye makeup.

8. Blend your highlighter on the bridge of your nose with your finger so it sits well in place.

Here’s the link to watch the whole episode:

The best part of this video has to be the fact that her love for makeup is infectious. It reminded me of my enthusiasm for makeup and my love for blush too.

What was your take away from this video? Let us know in the comments below.

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