We all want to be in a long-term and serious relationship. We want someone who’ll love us and care for us always. The one we marry. But in the search for ‘The One’, we’ve also encountered some weirdos. Don’t you agree? Here are types of boyfriends you may have dated in the past.

1. The Possessive One

This person had a problem with whoever you hung out with. He was suspicious all the time and just didn’t trust you.

2. The Clingy One

The one who would never let you go. He was needy and called you more than you could handle. He wanted you to tell him every detail of your day. While you loved it initially, it eventually got to you.

3. The Drunkard

All he wanted to do is get hammered. He’d want to party and make everything ‘Irish’. You’ve probably never met him sober.

4. The Miser

The one would rush to the washroom as soon you’d call for the check. He’d always make excuses to not pay and by the end of it, you would have to pay every single time. He would also avoid getaways because he doesn’t want to spend money.

5. The Man-Child

The one who always threw tantrums and had meaningless arguments. He didn’t seem to understand you and sometimes got angry at trivial things.

6. The Expressive One

This one was so expressive, that you felt like Elsa with a heart of ice. He was sweet, romantic and so nice, that you went ahead and friend-zoned him instead.

7. The One Who Was Never Available

This one is the complete opposite of the expressive boyfriend. He’d never be around and basically, never call or text either. He’d leave you guessing where he is and what he’s up to.

8. The Spender

This person would spend money like water. He’d never save and live on the edge. He’s one of those people who believe ‘life is too short to not enjoy the now’.

9. The Enthu-Cutlet

This person was super enthusiastic. He was a bundle of energy that you just couldn’t handle. He would wanna meet you every day and make plans all the time.

10. The Type Your Friends Called ‘Crazy’

This one was completely cray-cray. You obviously didn’t see it, but your friends would always tell you to break up. There was a point where you feared how you’d break up with him without drama, but that wasn’t really possible. After the breakup, he would still stalk you sometimes.

11. The BFF

The one who you’re still friends with. You both broke up mutually, and now you’re still close and care for each other.

You may not have been able to relate to all, but at least a few may have crossed your path. Some were nice, and the others just taught you how to be patient!

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