Priyanka Chopra has been turning heads on the Western shores with her acting chops and red carpet appearances. In India, the actress may not have starred in a Bollywood flick since 2016’s Jai Gangaajal, but that hasn’t stopped her from gaining fans. PeeCee has always ended up doing roles that showcase the brilliant actress she is and that is what we love. Priyanka has portrayed some of the strong and independent women on-screen and it seems like that the Quantico actress is very similar in real life too. Recently, PeeCee’s co-star Hrithik Roshan shared an instance from the sets of 2005 flick, Krrish which left us surprised.

The excerpts are from journalist-author Bharathi S Pradhan’s book Priyanka Chopra: The Dark Horse published by Om Books International in which the actor recalls Priyanka fainting on the sets while they were shooting in Manali. The lack of sufficient oxygen and extreme cold affected many crew members including PeeCee. But as Priyanka was about to fall, the crew members rushed to help her to take her to the hotel room but got shouted instead by the actress to put her down.

Hrithik said,

I rushed to make sure she was safe and taken care of but to my surprise, what I saw was an indignant Priyanka, half-conscious but unmistakably furious at being seen as someone who needed help! Even as her body, still limp, showed no signs of co-ordination, she continued shouting at the lifters to put her down. They did that, eventually. It clearly reflected a deep desire in her to always be seen as strong, independent and self-reliant. It was admirable and I was impressed.

Talking about Priyanka being independent, Hrithik added,

I have never known her to seek validation or recognition for how hard she works. Priyanka always came across as a fun person, always cheerful. And amazingly spontaneous as an actor. Painfully hard working, without being pretentious about it. She, I assume, was taught by her parents to never allow herself to be seen as needy or dependent or weak. This quality of hers struck me as something out of the ordinary for a girl, hell, even for a guy those days.

We like that spirit, Priyanka. Go, conquer the world!