We’ve seen many artists reimagine different Disney characters in many ways. But today we’re so excited to see what graphic designer Matt Burt has created. It’s so refreshing to see how he has transformed these classic Disney princesses into empowering women in male-dominating careers.

Jasmine is a UN Ambassador, Elsa and Anna are Climate Change Scientists, Belle is a University Chancellor, Cinderella is an Animal Rights Activist, Moana is a Navy Officer and many more Disney princesses made it to his list.

He has also given popsugar.com an explanation for each and every illustration. For example for Jasmine, he said,

Jasmine has always fought for what’s right and for change where it is needed — she’s not a prize to be won. A natural politician, she now advocates for her country of Agrabah at the United Nations. One of her primary initiatives is protecting women’s rights by ensuring that women are treated fairly across the globe.

And here’s what he said for Cinderella,

While she has her Fairy Godmother to thank, Cinderella would not be where she is without the help of her animal companions. She believes where there is kindness, there is goodness, and it’s her heart’s wish to see animals treated with respect. She used her position of influence to found a nonprofit organization committed to promoting animal rights.

It made us so happy to see an artist put such a beautiful spin on classic characters. Head to Popsugar.com for the entire article.

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