This Just In: Chef Saransh Goila Is Going To Be A Guest Judge On Masterchef Australia S10

This Just In: Chef Saransh Goila Is Going To Be A Guest Judge On Masterchef Australia S10

Karishma Govil

Every food enthusiast in the world knows and loves the Masterchef series. It has so much to offer; from witnessing innovation and learning gourmet terms to watching new and interesting cooking techniques at the hands of chefs like Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston who judge the show every year. Being featured on the show itself is a victory for the contestants, as the show helps in gaining so much exposure. And today, we’re so proud to announce that our very own #SadakChef a.k.a Chef Saransh Goila will be a guest judge on the 10th season of Masterchef Australia.

Chef Saransh was born in Delhi and has over 10 years of experience in the culinary space. He is not only a great chef and a fitness enthusiast but an interesting media personality too. He hosted a show called Roti Rasta Aur India on the Food Food channel. He was also featured on a web series called The Spice Traveller on his YouTube channel.

But what really caught our attention was Saransh’s revival of the glorious Indian dish— Butter Chicken. What started off as a dish prepared for family get-togethers quickly became a worldwide sensation. The hashtag #GoilaButterChicken went viral and before he knew it, this dish was the most talked about amongst food aficionados like Sanjeev Kapoor, George Calombaris, and Gary Mehigan.

On the 10th anniversary special season of Masterchef Australia, Saransh will be featured alongside culinary maestros like Gordon Ramsay, Alice Wright, Shui Ishizaka and Nigella Lawson.

When we asked him about his experience he said,

MasterChef Australia makes you truly feel special! It’s one of the most beautifully shot food shows I’ve ever seen. It was an amazing opportunity to be there as a guest judge and a big enough platform to break a lot of myths and stereotypes about Indian food. When you see the show you’ll notice how difficult it is actually to cook a traditional Indian dish from scratch! How only by adding rich dairy or extra spice you can not make a perfect Indian dish! It requires good technique, a lot of skill, and of course enough love to balance the spices in the dish. We are making them do a very tricky Indian bread which neither of them could get perfectly right but the contestants are so talented that one of them does come close!

The season premiered on May 7, 2018, in Australia and will air in India in September 2018. We’re so excited to watch our very own desi chef challenge the contestants to cook Indian food!

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