Kunal Kapoor Reveals Why Nobody Should Wear A Watch Around Akshay Kumar

Pallavi Manoj , 07 Jul 2018
Akshay Kumar and Kunal Kapoor
Akshay Kumar and Kunal Kapoor

Everyone in B-Town knows what a healthy lifestyle Akshay Kumar leads. Whether it is how punctual he is or how fit he remains thanks to his various physical pursuits. Yesterday, we got a true blue confirmation that the actor is extremely punctual, positive and always active. The actor who is gearing up for his upcoming release, Gold was as energetic as ever at the music launch of the movie last evening. Along with Mouni Roy, Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh and the rest of the cast, it’s safe to say the music launch was epic.

During their interaction with the press, Kunal let out something that had LOLing.

He said,

I’ve learnt never to wear a watch around Akshay sir. See, I haven’t worn a watch today too. Because if he catches you with a watch, he’ll adjust the time to a few minutes ahead.

Well… we always knew Akshay was an early bird, but now we’ve got proof that he’s quite the prankster too!

Mouni also added how Akshay was sincere in each and every shot he gave. The rest of the cast couldn’t stop quipping about how positive the actor was to work with as well.

Seeing how energetic and enthusiastic the team seemed at the music launch, looks like Akshay has worked his magic and rubbed off on all his co-actors as well.

We can’t wait for Gold to see what the star has in store for us!

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