Video: Easy Steps To Become A Pro At Applying False Lashes

Video: Easy Steps To Become A Pro At Applying False Lashes

Natasha Patel

Every makeup-loving girl I know has at least about 2 to 3 mascara tubes in her vanity. One’s for extra volume, one’s for thickness and maybe another is a waterproof one… But no matter the formula, a girl and her mascara is the best love story! I’m the girl who will opt for mascara over a lipstick any day, which will result in a lot of raised eyebrows from others. The reason why lashes are so important to me, is because it makes you look so much more awake, it highlights the features around your eyes and it gives people the illusion that you have makeup on—Even though all you’ve done are your lashes!

Now once you’ve had a taste of the good life (with longer looking lashes), you’ll soon realise that you can’t do without them. And you know what they say… The bigger the lash, the bigger the glam. With that in mind, enters fake lashes or glue-on lashes!

They give you the illusion of longer lashes x 10. And all you have to do is use an eyelash glue adhesive and stick it onto your real lashes… Ta-da. Simple, right? Well, not for some. (Myself included)! So, to make it simple and easy for all you newbies, oldies, lashies (totally made that up), I’ve made a step-by-step video breaking down everything you need to apply fake lashes.

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