7 Instagram Accounts That Will Add A Little Sunshine To Your Gloomy Day

Natasha Patel , 10 Jul 2018
(Source: Instagram | @revolve)
(Source: Instagram | @revolve)

If you woke up today with the sound of pitter-patter outside your window, you know that it won’t be long before it comes down hard. Mumbai city’s monsoon isn’t something to be taken lightly. When it rains, it pours. And when it pours it floods. And when it floods it usually leaves the activities we planned for that day suspended in limbo. Because what do you? Get drenched in the rain? Work from home only to have the bed call out your name multiple times? Yeah… The gloom is real, people.

So, in light of this, and ever other dreary day, we’re turning to IG’s brightest, cutest and prettiest feeds to help us feel awakened…

1. Summer Fridays

Ah, what we would give for a rosé-filled day at the beach…

2. Secrets Of Green

A cosy work spot with just the right amount of sunshine!

3. I Am Well And Good

We need this rose petal bubble bath like 5 minutes ago!

4. Amelia Liana

*Mentally transporting to a dreamy holiday spot*

5. Revolve

Grab your besties, check! Pretend to read a newspaper, check! Look classy AF, check!

6. Shay Jewelry

Beachy jewels, yes please!

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Saturday Situation #Dream 🌈💎🌊

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7. The Chill Times

Cannot. Stop. Staring.

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