Arjun Kapoor is known for his sense of humour and is often seen using it to pull the legs of his co-stars and friends alike. While he is seen joking around with Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan, but there is one Bollywood star that he often subjects his witty remarks and wise-cracks to. It’s none other than Katrina Kaif, we all know that the actor shares a love-hate relationship with her.

On an episode of Koffee With Karan, Kat even joked about Arjun and Varun starting a hate club for her. While she was only kidding, Arjun does give us enough reason to believe that it might actually be true. The actor who is currently on a holiday with his sister, Anshula Kapoor shared a photo on Instagram and we couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Have a look and you’ll do the same!

This isn’t the first time that Arjun has taken a jab at Katrina. He recently commented on a couple of other photos as well!

Check it out

Source: Instagram | @katrinakaif
Source: Instagram | @katrinakaif

We can’t wait to see what Katrina has to say about this! 😀