Sonali Bendre Behl recently broke the news about being diagnosed with cancer. It was truly heartbreaking for all her fans and loved ones across the globe. But even in the face of adversities like this, she remains strong and optimistic. Before the treatment begins, the actress underwent a hair transformation and she took to Instagram to share the same. The message that she shared along with the post was every bit filled with hope and we can’t help but salute the actress for showing immense strength.

Have a look!

Sonali is a true example of courage and optimism and we wish to see the actress get well soon! Her post also includes a video of her getting the haircut and it is extremely emotional but inspiring to see the courage she exudes and how ready she is to take on this fight. Her hubby, Golie Behl, as always, is also seen in the video displaying unwavering support for his wife.

Earlier, when the actress broke the sad news, she received lots of messages from well-wishers and friends from all over the world and she even took the time out to reply to them in a cheerful and positive way.

We hope you kick cancer’s butt real hard and get back to being healthy soon, Sonali! <3