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Australia | Source:
Australia | Source:

Australia is more than a just a scenic destination for travel. Their talent, food, entertainment, fashion and even their fuzzy, cute animals are such an amusing sight. A trip to Australia is a trip that you will never forget. Not only that, they have the most colourful slang, inclusive of words like “mate” and “G’day!”

Mate = friend and G’day = A friendly way to say hello. Put them together and say “G’day mate!” and you’ll fit right in! But there’s a lot more than just that… Scroll down to see the number of times Australia gave us more than what we asked for:

1. Masterchef Australia

This has been one of Australia’s leading TV shows not only in their country but all around the world. This show has given food a new meaning and trust us when we say that we can’t watch this show on an empty stomach.

2. NeutridermThis Australian skincare brand has been around for more than 15 years and is used by leading dermatologists in India. Skin specialists use these products and to great effect because they work so well with Indian skin types. But we are most thankful to the hair enhancer range from this brand as your hair really grows and looks healthier too.

3. Climate

The fact the Australia is in the southern hemisphere is a boon to escape from the extreme weather of the northern hemisphere. So, if you want experience winter atmosphere during summer, then flying down to Australia, as it is a great vacation option. Also, because the continent is so large, the climate varies across Australia.

4. Kangaroos & Koalas

They have unique native animals that are the cutest thing in the whole world. Kangaroos and koalas are the most adorable kind of species we’ve ever known of.

5. Nicole Kidman

For people who don’t know her, Nicole is an Australian-born actress, producer and occasional singer. Apart from winning multiple awards, her screen presence has been commendable. We cannot help but fall more in love with her with every movie

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