5 Reasons You Should Watch TVF's Latest Web Series 'Yeh Meri Family'

Pallavi Manoj , 13 Jul 2018

You may have heard quite a lot of the summer of 69, but it’s now time for the summer of 98. TVF’s latest web series Yeh Meri Family is currently out on TVF Play and watching the first four episodes, I had a rush of emotions. It’s a true slice of life dramedy that leaves anyone saying OMG… yaaa. It is a 7 episode story that is told from the perspective of the middle child of the Gupta family. While the setting itself is interesting, the storyteller is unreliable and easily influenced and that’s exactly what makes this web series even more appealing.
But just in case you needed any more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this series:

It Gives You Some Major 90s Nostalgia

The first and the most obvious reason to watch this show is that it showcases an era before the mobile phones and I can’t tell you how refreshing that is to see. With each web series that comes out, in the race to make it relatable to the audience often mobile phones and other screens take the centre stage of conversation or setting. Right from the heavy TV’s to the jeans that the kids wear, everything about the show will take you on a major trip down nostalgia lane.

It’s A Web Series You Can Watch With Your Entire Family

The minute I say web series the first thing that comes to everyone’s head is something meant for millennials or the youth. This is legit a show that you’ll want to watch with your parents because they too might relate to the content. Even though the story might be told by a 13-year-old, it is in fact about the adults of the show.

It Has An Amazing Cast

Another thing that makes this web series better than the rest is the perfect casting. Mona Singh as mummy shines in the role and is any other middle-class mother you’d meet. Akash Khurana as papa is truly what got me smiling throughout the show because he’s brilliant. Vishesh Bansal who plays Harshu the central character of the series is so convincing that you’re rooting for him from the beginning even though you know mummy is almost always right. Ahan Nirban as Dabbu and Ruhi Khan as Chitti are playing Harshu’s elder brother and younger sister. Each of these characters are so perfectly cast that you feel that this family could be your neighbours too.

It Is Extremely Relatable

The relatability that I refer to doesn’t come from mobile phones or millennial talks about the internet, in fact, every 90s kid would have had at least one incident in the series happen to them. From aunties and uncles of your colony forcing you to dance to mummy bribing Harshu saying he’d get a cycle only if he got 70%marks in his exam, this show has a lot of moments that’ll make you go ‘This has happened to me too!’. And the power of the casual clothes on your birthday when you were back in school is something else altogether. All in all, winning!

It Reminds You Of Everything Great About The Summer

Summer vacations used to be something everyone waits for back in school and the first episode of the show will remind you of everything you might have done as a child in the summers and it will definitely make you want to revisit your childhood. From eating mangoes to having ice golas to visiting the same kinds of restaurants. Take me back to the 90s already. What innocent times those were…

As a whole, this is one series that should be on your binge watch list right now and the best part is that you’ll probably ask your parents to watch it with you too, now how many web series can claim to have done that?

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