Remember when we were kids, we’d love playing hide and seek, dark room, etc? Childhood memories are just the best, aren’t they? Back then, the only pressure we ever felt was to study. Life so simple and easy. And then suddenly, we were thrown into the adult world. Some of us are still struggling with the adult life, because, let’s face it, it isn’t a walk in the park anymore. When we were growing up, all we did was go to school and come home to play with our friends. While some of us were girly, others were tomboys. Here are a few things you’d understand if you were a tomboy growing up.

1. Most Of Your Friends Were Boys

You felt like you could connect with boys more from the beginning because of similar interests.

2. You Wore Your Dad/Brother’s Clothes Often

Pink? No way! You preferred baggy denims and oversized tees over dainty dresses. You’d only find them in your dad or brother’s closet.

3. You Didn’t Understand The Concept Of Dolls

And if you did, you’d prefer G. I. Joes to barbies.

4. You Loved Sports And Video Games

While other girls would gather around and play in the park, you’d gang up with your bros to beat them at video games and football.

5. Dressing Up Didn’t Mean Anything To You

Whenever you’d have guests over, the maximum effort you’d make is to wear denims that weren’t ripped. You just weren’t bothered to look civilised.

6. Sneakers, FTW!

Every other girl would wear sandals or ballerina shoes. But you’d sport some really cook kicks you just bought while shopping with dad.

7. While Others Watched Disney Movies, You Preferred Watching Die Hard

You didn’t buy fairytales or romantic movies as a kid. You preferred The Exorcist or Die Hard instead.

8. You Didn’t Mind Getting Your Hands Dirty

Instead of playing with other girls, you’d prefer climbing a tree or playing in the mud.

Tomboys were different from other girls. And the best part about them was, they were proud of who they were!

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