LOL! Janhvi Kapoor Revealed That Her Dad Boney Kapoor Is The Most Dramatic Person In The Family

Pallavi Manoj , 16 Jul 2018
Janhvi Kapoor and Boney Kapoor
Janhvi Kapoor and Boney Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor is all set to make her debut in a mere four days, but the debutant already has a following of 2 million followers on Instagram making her quite the influencer. In a recent interview to PTI, Janhvi revealed that she’s been dreaming of becoming an actress ever since she was a child.

She said,

I always wanted to see myself on screen. I remember I would watch random movies and was obsessed with ‘Om Shanti Om’. I would enact every scene from the film and force Khushi to be Shah Rukh Khan and I’d be Deepika, doing that typical hand wave.

Turns out, the sisters used to reenact the ‘I’d never let go’ scene from Titanic as well. It’s clear from the interview how much Janhvi loves films and how her world revolves around them.

Even in real life, we are dramatic and filmy. Everything is life and death, the stakes are always high. The most filmy person in our family is my father. He is the most dramatic, about anything and everything. Our lives revolve around cinema, it’s all movies.

The debutant also revealed that she wanted to explore different avenues just to see what she was more inclined towards and took up an acting course, an art history course, and a fashion course. She wanted to test out whether acting was something she was interested in just because it’s been in her family or something she can truly dedicate herself to.

I started with the acting course and I remember, it’s like, once you live an honest moment in front of an audience, it’s euphoric. It’s an irreplaceable feeling.

Talking about her role in Dhadak and Rinku Rajguru who essayed the role in the original movie Sairat, she said,

What Rinku has done in ‘Sairat’, everyone said how honestly she played that character and loved the character. She’s an unbelievably talented girl. I don’t think anyone else can repeat that performance ever. Even if I tried, it would be a joke because no one can do what she’s done. That would be an imitation. There’s no fun in that. As an actor, I want to live, experience and not imitate.

Janhvi also revealed that her character Parthavi meant a lot to her and how doing this role taught her a lot.

We’re sure that you’ll do a wonderful job, Janhvi!

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