Pranzi, Khar
Pranzi, Khar

As we already know, Mumbai is the hub for different cuisines across the globe. We’ve got everything from Italian, American, Chinese and so much more apart from our traditional cuisine— Indian. Every corner of the city is full of places that ace the food game in India. One such area is Khar. It has corners where you’d get good street food like samosas and parathas. And on the flipside, there are many restaurants there that serve some really interesting dishes. Here are a few restaurants you should visit if you’re in Khar.

1. Arth

Arth is a beautifully designed restaurant in Khar. The creativity in the interiors is by Gauri Khan. Not only are the interiors stunning, the food is amazing too.

MM Recommends: Lobster Tale
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,500 ++

2. Pranzi

Pranzi brings you a royal feel with their ambience and food alike. The property is divided into two sections that are perfect for dining with family, or party with friends.

MM Recommends: Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffle With Cream Cheese Icing
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,700 ++

3. Pi Pizzeria

Another great find! This place has some really good pizzas and some really rich desserts. Gotta try this one out!

MM Recommends: Staggioni Pizza
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,300 ++

4. Khar Social

The social outlets are basically in every area of Mumbai. But this one is a nice place to hang out with friends and eat some really good food. They also have an extended property called Anti-Social that hosts a lot of underground gigs and events.

MM Recommends: Ghee Roast Mutton Bao
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,400 ++

5. Raasta

This place is a themed restaurant that was first launched in Delhi. It has some really cool artwork inspired by Bob Marley and we love their food too.

MM Recommends: Raasta Big Boy Platter
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,500 ++

6. Sindhful

Expect some really rich and authentic Sindhi food here. Pretty much everything is so yummy, that you won’t stop at one dish.

MM Recommends: Dal Khichdi/Dal Pakwan
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹800 ++

7. Out Of The Blue

A legend of Khar, this restaurant has been around for so long. They’ve recently reinvented their menu without destroying the essence of the place. FYI, it’s a great place for date night.

MM Recommends: Chicken In Smoked BBQ Sauce Sizzler
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,800 ++

8. All Elements

A newly opened cafe in Khar, this place is so beautifully decorated. It also has a great mix of dishes that you could try when you’re there.

MM Recommends: Pollo Bianco
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹700 ++

9. The Elbo Room

The best night to visit is Sunday with their Bollywood nights where they play old Bollywood tracks that’ll take you down memory lane. It’s a really fun vibe with some really good food too.

MM Recommends: Cheesy Fries
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹2,000 ++

10. Doolally Taproom

So much beer! This place is a great place to visit with your friends. They’ve got board games, beer and yummy food. What else does one ever need?

MM Recommends: House Fries
Approximate Cost For Two: ₹1,800 ++

It doesn’t matter where you stay, just take a trip to Khar to enjoy different cuisines. It’s totally worth the travel! Tell us your favourite in the comments below.

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