There are people who have a lot of tattoos, and then there are people who don’t like being inked. The ones who have many, sometimes get designs that are totally unique to them and other times, they get something experimental and whack. There are also those unfortunate ones whose tattoos go wrong. A minute of silence for those. And then there are some, that really can’t be explained. These are so random, that we really don’t know how to react after seeing them. Today on National Tattoo Day, we’ve got you some extremely weird tattoos that’ll really make you question the person who got them. Here they are:

1. Uncomfortable Doggo

Our favourite awkward dog meme is now a tattoo!

2. Things Could Be Worse

Worse than this tattoo? We’re not completely sure.

3. On Fleek

Taking makeup too seriously, don’t you think?

4. Something Nice

When your tattoo artist takes your words too literally.

5. Pizza Till I Die

That’s a true pizza lover right there!

6. Alien Polaroid

This guy may be onto us. I think he knows something NASA doesn’t.

7. Summer Is Coming

Thank you for the weather report, Jon. Let me grab my sunblock and sunglasses.

8. Chicken Nuggets!

There’s no love that’s purer than the love for chicken nuggets.

9. Trash Can

This is what all our Friday nights look like. Am I right?

10. Be Proud, Fart Loud

Good luck to the wifey!

All we’re really saying is make sure you think hard before you get a tattoo. As you already know, it does last till you do!

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