Did You Know: 'Fanney Khan' Actress Pihu Sand Had To Put On 20 Kgs For Her Role?

Pallavi Manoj , 17 Jul 2018
Pihu Sand in Fanney Khan
Pihu Sand in Fanney Khan

Fanney Khan has been creating buzz ever since it was announced that Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would be back on screen together for this flick after 17 years. When you put Rajkummar Rao along with these two superstars, you already have our love and interest piqued. While the film is touted to be a musical comedy, the trailer proved that the movie will give take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. It is a remake of the Belgian film Everybody’s Famous! The movie tells the story of a struggling singer who dreams of making his daughter a famous singer. But, the film also addresses the much needed the topic of body shaming in our society and about time we say. Bollywood celebrities often bear the brunt of body shaming by trolls and haters and Ash was at the receiving end of it right after her pregnancy. The body shaming theme in the movie is why Ash even took up the movie.

Pihu Sand who plays Anil Kapoor‘s daughter Lata Sharma opened about how she had to put on weight for her role in the movie.

I had to put on another 20 kg in six months for the role and the prep included planning Lata’s look, makeup and even her haircut. The fringe is an important part of the character.

According to Mid-Day, the actress reached up to 98 kgs for her role which is the heaviest she’s ever been.

Being fat was lovely because I am not shy about my body and everybody made me comfortable. Yes, I did have some health issues, but it was worth it because it was for something I love.

The debutant also disclosed how she was able to relate to her character because she has also gone through similar instances in her childhood.

I was fat because of a medical condition. I gained weight after 12 years and I still don’t understand why being fat or thin is not okay. I connected with Lata because a few similar things happened to me in real life too.

We are sure the theme of the movie will strike the right chord with the audiences!

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