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Team MissMalini , 17 Jul 2018

You may have noticed that things look a little different on our website and social media today.

That’s because we wanted to catch your attention. We are not okay with the status quo—With the inequality, discrimination, trolling, sexism, and violence we see in the news and social media every single day.

This led us to ask ourselves, “What am I doing as an individual to solve the problem?” Are my everyday actions and statements contributing in some way to our culture’s misogynistic or discriminatory views? Is my silence causing more damage than I realise?

We understand that we need to improve ourselves before we can expect change from others. We don’t want to sit silently while the number of rape cases increases, sexism in the workplace prevails and kids fall prey to evils like the Blue Whale game.

We’re doing this for Asifa.

We’re doing this for Nirbhaya.

We’re doing this to change the thinking of the men and women in Haryana.

We’re doing this so people can love one another, despite gender, race, and class.

We’re doing this so future generations can live without fear.

Through our #ItEndsWithMe campaign, we want to help change the tone of how we treat each other and raise awareness about social evils and how to combat them.

Starting today we pledge:

1. To hold ourselves accountable to a higher level of respect for each other in everything we publish;
2. To stand up against stereotypes and discrimination;
3. To create content that educates and empowers our audience;
4. To make you smile and feel good about yourself every day.

The fight to end sexism, rape culture, racism, and gender disparity is a long, tough journey and we can’t do it alone.

Here’s how you can join us:

  1. Take a black and white photo of yourself holding a sign that states your pledge (What you plan on doing to ensure that you and others practice tolerance and promote empathy for all races, ages, genders, religions, castes, and sexual identities).
  2. Post this photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #ItEndsWithMe.
  3. Read our #ItEndsWithMe content and share with others. You can also continue the conversation by commenting with your personal experiences or opinions.
  4. Identify the little (or big) things you can do in your daily life to change how we treat each other and make each other feel. Remember, it’s up to us to be the change we wish to see.

With love and heart,

Team MissMalini

HEART #ItEndsWithMe

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