Did You Know: Anil Kapoor Learned To Play The Trumpet For Fanney Khan

Pallavi Manoj , 19 Jul 2018

People are always looking for inspiration, more often than not they find it from their favourite Bollywood stars. And why would they not? Despite the glitz, glamour and luxurious life they enjoy, these actors work hard on their characters. Take Anil Kapoor for instance, turns out the actor actually took trumpet lessons for his role in Fanney Khan according to Mid-Day.

The trumpet is an integral part of my character in the film. My character, Fanney, plays it when he is sad or happy. So I had to make it look real. I was excited to learn a new instrument and took lessons from Ramesh Kumar Gurung. It was challenging to emote while using the instrument.

The actor also revealed that music has a special place in his career and his life. He learned how to play the sitar when he starred in Tu Payal Mein Geet (1971) as a child artiste and used to travel from Chembur to Bandra for his lessons as a 12-year-old. He even knows how to play the harmonium!

I learned to play the harmonium from Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan. Music has played an integral part in my career. I understood melody and rhythm through the characters I have played.

I definitely had no idea that the actor had taken proper training in all these instruments. Then, there’s no surprise that Anil was chosen to play the lead in the musical-comedy film, Fanney Khan.

Here’s a sneak peek of the powerhouse playing the trumpet at the promotions.

Earlier this week, Pihu Sand, the actress who will be playing Anil’s daughter has revealed how she had put on 20 kgs for her role in the film.

With so much hard work been put into making this film, we’re sure it’s going to leave us impressed.

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