Female sexuality is something that is hardly addressed in the Indian society, so you can only expect so much talk about it in mainstream Bollywood movies. But thankfully, Veere Di Wedding finally broke that barrier and talked about masturbation and how it’s normal for women to want to have sex. Another movie that openly approached female sexuality is Lust Stories. Karan Johar‘s part of the movie finally showed a married woman (played by Kiara Advani) who is unhappy with her sex life exploring other options, namely a vibrator, to satisfy herself.

What’s interesting is that according to a research conducted by ThatsPersonal.com, a sexual wellness brand found that their sales for sex toys especially vibrators had spiked up after the release of Lust Stories.

How cool is that?

The fact that the anthology received much praise and acceptance for the depiction of a woman’s need is noteworthy in itself. Just the portrayal of a middle-class Indian woman’s sexual needs in a movie with such mainstream directors has bought the conversation about female sexuality to the forefront. And if this research is to be believed, more and more woman are embracing their sexual needs and trying to seek pleasure in their own terms.

I’m glad that art is making people more aware of things like this.