Some of us have a fun workplace while others struggle with making friends at work. The first few days of your new job could be challenging as not many are warm and friendly at first. Sometimes, not only is the work tough but so is the environment in the office. At this point, if you’re in a new and unfriendly office, you might feel the need of making a friend there. If you’re lucky you may get along so well that you don’t have a friend, but a gang to hang out with. If you have someone to talk to and share your work experience with, work becomes so much more fun and easy, don’t you agree? Here are a few signs you’ve found your work BFF.

1. You Know Everything About Each Other

You spend more time with your work BFF than you spend with your own family. It’s obvious they’d be super close to you and you share a lot of your feelings and stories with them. They know your likes and dislikes better than you by now.

2. You Hate The Same Colleague

If you hate someone, your BFF will hate them too. Their loyalties will always be with you no matter what.

3. You Can’t Eat Without Each Other

You guys are lunch buddies. You eat with each other because you sometimes exchange your dabbas or call for food together.

4. You Take Up For Each Other During Projects

You always have each other’s back. Whatever the task may be, you guys will always work with ease and help each other out.

5. You Can’t Handle New People Joining The Team

You guys aren’t too fond of change. Someone new (at least initially) makes you uncomfortable.

6. You Understand Each Other With One Look During Meetings

If you guys are in a meeting together, you can literally just glance at each other and know what both are saying. You can have an entire conversation without words.

7. You Want Each Other To Grow

They support you and motivate you every day. They listen to you vent about your boss all the time. And they’re the ones who tell you to hang on and wait for appraisals.

8. You Bring Each Other Your Favourite Snacks

You both have your favourite dishes and snacks that the other brings. Either your BFF’s mom cooks the best butter chicken or she brings snacks from a particular kiosk near their house.

9. Their Office Birthday Celebration Is Your Responsibility

You feel responsible to do something fun for their birthday. If they come to work on their birthday, you want them to feel special and loved. So, you ask your colleagues to chip in for a nice cake and a cute gift too.

10. You Even Hang Out After Hours

It’s not just at work but, you guys are inseparable even after work hours. You hang out together all the time because you love each other’s company.

These BFFs make work feel like a walk in the park thanks to their constant help and support. They hate Mondays and love Fridays just like you! Take a moment to tell them that you love them today.

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