We’ve learnt that the best way to cure Monday blues is by laughing out really loud! While it’s true that it’s a difficult day, you can’t let it get you down! You’ve got to troop on and in order to do so, sometimes you need a little encouragement. So here are some hilarious videos to help you get a good start to the day!

1. Doggy See, Doggy Eat

This video is on that cusp of funny and cute. It’s hilarious how the dog first eats the kid’s biscuit and then proceeds to imitate him when he starts crying. 10 points to that dog for knowing how to work the room. Hah! I think that’s what we’d call a hustler, no?

2. Not So Cute Anymore, Eh?

Animals are always great! Not only are they the best things to have around, they are also pretty entertaining. But sometimes, they just can’t tolerate us! This is when they strike back! No, we don’t mean viciously, we mean it in the funniest way possible. From a wig-snatching monkey to a drop-kicking kangaroo, this video is proof that sometimes, even animals have a mean streak.

3. Nope, You Fail

While some of the clips in this compilation seem really painful, it’s almost impossible to not laugh. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you a bad person. You’d be surprised just how quickly your day can turn around when you realise that you aren’t the only one who’s having a s**tty day! Also, the sheer stupidity of some of the clips is totally face-palm worth.

4. Meow

There is no denying that cats are some of the most entertaining creatures ever! They are moody, playful, at times cuddly but most of all, they are always weird. It’s like humans are never going to be able to understand them ever! This compilation will prove exactly what we mean by that.

5. Scurry

So the Scary Snowman used to be one of our all-time favourite things to watch on Youtube! Who knew watching people get scared could be so hilarious right? This video is proof that even simple pranks are just as funny as some of the other, more flashy and staged ones. Every reaction is priceless!

6. Don’t Mess With The Mascot

Putting on a huge furry suit and entertaining people can’t be an easy task to do. These guys, however, make it seem super easy. The amount of sass and energy they bring to these things makes watching the sport all the more fun! This video is proof that if you mess with the mascot, you’re in for one helluva time! Also, it’s just downright hilarious.

7. Commercial Success

These hilarious commercials prove that a sense of humour is a lot more important than anything else. While people usually hate sitting through ads, these ones are a pleasant change because they aren’t boring. It’s actually quite brilliant and honestly, we wish a lot more companies started running their ads this way. It would make browsing through Youtube so much easier.

What is the funniest video you’ve seen lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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